“Astonishing”, “Amazing”, “I just got a chill” and “What is that?” These are just some of the comments made by many while viewing this special photograph for the very first time. What exactly is that circle directly above his fist? It is a million to one shot that motivated author Felice Cantatore to continue a journey to personal success while learning to understand the Rocky Spirit and share its meaning.

The top of the famous steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art was the location of this interesting photograph. In the early morning of December 19, 2006, Cantatore stood to remember one of the most energizing nights of his life. For years, he visualized a dream to become a part of the Rocky franchise and its universe. Once he succeeded in doing so, he suggested taking this one photograph. In his thought process, this shot would become the lasting memory to a connection to personal success.

It was a clear, crisp December morning and with one click of the shutter and one outstanding flash of light, Cantatore received more than a memory. He was given the motivation to pursue the continuation of the journey through the power of certain energy that would define his mission in life.

Who or what does guide our life? Rocky Spirit, the Rocky Balboa connection to success defines the answer proving that anything is possible with a puncher’s chance or a “Million to one shot” and the energy behind the Rocky Spirit!


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