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Felice Cantatore Felice Cantatore

It is often said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Rocky Spirit is a 15-round true story about a journey to personal success. It was motivated by a special photograph of spiritual energy captured on film. The picture became a “million-to-one shot” and the motivation to share this astonishing memoir about an everyday man and his desire to go the distance.

The author, Felice Cantatore is a native New Yorker and an Italian American. He has more than two decades of media experience in the radio and newspaper industries. Cantatore penned a 2006 cover story for the Long Island Press newspaper titled “On the Set of Rocky Balboa,” which earned him a Press Club of Long Island (PCLI) First-Place journalism award for Best Arts Story. The cover story outlined a first person recount of his experience as a movie extra on location at the filming of the motion picture Rocky Balboa in Las Vegas during December of 2005. This experience was only a part of the many Rocky connections leading to a pinnacle moment in the author’s life that culminated in the boxing ring as an underdog fighter himself.

What is that large circle on the photograph of the author as he stood on the Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art? Did you ever wonder who or what guides us through life?  Become a believer through a unique spiritual message. It conveys the sentiment that “you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to” utilizing the Law of Attraction, positive energy and faith.

How many people actually live a scene from their favorite movie? Felice Cantatore did, and after what he thought was the end of his personal journey, he was rewarded with this spiritual sign leading him to share his story with the world. Everything in life happens for a reason, every action becomes a part of a personal “movie script” of our lives.  Our thoughts can manifest into reality, they can guide us through life’s journeys. What you do with these thoughts and the purity of the way you live your life will shape your destiny. Rocky Spirit will inspire any reader to chase their dream and realize that success lies within. 

At age 11 the author became an enthusiast of America’s greatest underdog story the very first time that he learned of its existence. After seeing the original Rocky, the eventual 1977 Academy Award winner for Best Picture, he formed a bond with the film and its main character. He instilled the characteristics of heart, the spirit of a champion and the ability to go the distance in his own personal and professional make up through his fascination with this series of boxing films.

“At that age, you are like a piece of clay waiting to be molded. I am grateful to have a movie franchise such as Rocky as a lifelong mentor,” Cantatore states.

“Rocky Spirit will take you back in time to the first time. As you read the story you will also recall the first time you experienced this wonderful award winning film.  Recapture those memories and make some new ones.” 

“There is a little Rocky in us all.”

Was it meant to be? Be amazed by the many connections that the author has to these boxing films. The uncanny coincidences will make you believe that “Anything is Possible” as you read through the exciting chapters. Enjoy the highs and lows of his quest to be a movie extra along with an insider’s look into the filming of Rocky Balboa. Read about the first time he saw Sylvester Stallone and his alter ego in person. Become a part of the wild adventures planned to help land an invitation to the movie premier in Philadelphia. Find out about the details of how he escorted Stallone into the theater at this event. Be amazed by how he landed in the president of MGM’s seats. His journey to find personal success would eventually, like Rocky lead him into the boxing ring as an underdog fighter himself.

Rocky Spirit, the Rocky Balboa Connection to Success has been called “A Masterpiece” and “A Wonderful Street Prose” by Rocky co-star Burt Young. The acclaimed actor also personally penned this quote on a placemat during a one-on-one luncheon with the author, “Plain Felice…we’ve followed some educators, us normal ones, but Felice, one of us becomes his and our hero with a run at his vision!” The author’s vision is an inspirational story that will motivate the human spirit to strive for your own personal success.